Top 3 Tips for Hiring and Managing Temporary Engineers

April 20th, 2016

Hiring and managing temporary engineers is a great opportunity for employers to grow their staff in valuable and proactive ways. While temporary workers are recruited and contracted in a different manner than the average full-time employee, the benefits they provide to a workforce are often highly influential. In order to get the best out of your temporary staff, here are the top three tips you can implement in your hiring and management practices when it comes to your contract engineers.

Round Out Your Team

Seek out an engineer with a slightly different background than most of the applicants you are used to seeing. A well-rounded resume helps to bring new knowledge your team and will provide them with the opportunity to think outside the box, address problems in new and interesting ways, and interact with other members of the team in a more synergistic manner. Every team member has something to teach and to learn from the others. Keeping that key element of collaboration in mind when bringing on new talent, particularly temporary talent, will enable your staff to leverage unique skills and experiences for a truly synergistic team environment.

Think Long Term

Most temporary workers are in fact looking for permanent employment, whether that is with your company after a successful trial period or a competing company who recognizes the value of the experience they have gained as a temporary employee. As a hiring manager who is committed to staffing your company with industry-leading talent, knowing when to hire a temp permanently can make a significant difference in the long-term success of your hiring strategy.

This requires some long-term and strategic thinking around your recruiting practices. Engineers are in high demand and that trend is unlikely to reverse in the near future. Recognizing high-quality talent and investing in their training on the job will set your temps up for success within their temporary position and in the long term as well. If a contract engineer is a good fit for the company culture, able to engage and collaborate well with their team, and understands the priorities and goals of their projects and the corporate strategy, they will in all likelihood make an excellent permanent addition to your team.

Emphasize Career Growth

Temporary workers are as interested in developing their career as any other employee you will have hired. Keep that in mind when interviewing candidates for a temporary engineer position. Highlighting career-growth opportunities to the interviewee if they were to take a long-term position down the road addresses a number of issues that temporary workers are often concerned by. It says that you are loyal and committed to employees who are loyal and committed to the company. It also reassures candidates that any time spent on a contract job with your company is not time wasted in their career.

Addressing the immediate need for temporary workers upfront but still recognizing that there is potential to convert a contract into a permanent position if the situation allows, provides temporary workers with the confidence they may need to accept and fully engage in the opportunity.

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