Want the CNC Position? Talk About Safety

May 15th, 2016

CNC Machinists are in high demand today. But while employers are looking to fill a good number of job openings, they are not willing to hire just anyone. Candidates need to be able to present their experience, training, and qualifications well to impress hiring managers. Beyond that, knowing what topics to focus on in an interview can make all the difference. Pain-points and hot topic issues in manufacturing make for excellent talking points and will help you connect with your interviewer while highlighting your expertise.

One such pain-point which is common across most manufacturing jobs is that of safety. Addressing safety in an interview can be what sets you apart from the other applicants. Discussing a good safety record, a willingness to comply with safety procedures, and the ability to agree with those decisions can be music to a hiring managers ears.

Read on to learn more about safety from the perspective of a hiring manager committed to building a safe work environment.

Safety on the Job

While you should never operate or program a CNC machine without the proper training, it is also important to note your ability to consult the specific operator’s manual for the particular machine and control type. Knowledge of the unique aspects of each machine can make the difference between a safety-minded employee and one who is setting themselves or others up for accidents on the job. Appreciation of the fact that accidents can happen any time with long term repercussions will show employers that you are aware of the risks and take them very seriously.

While CNC machines are equipped with a built-in safety system which includes guards, emergency stop buttons, soundproof casing, curtain guards, and other features, an operator who is not familiar with the individual specifications of their machines will inevitably find themselves in unsafe situations. Knowing the limits of your knowledge and working to fill those gaps will help you impress your employer and reassure them that safety is a top priority for you.

Safety Culture in the Workplace

It’s not enough to be mindful of your own safety in a productive workplace. To really impress a hiring manager, make a point to note your value of safety culture and encouraging others to rise to your level of safety awareness. Show leadership through your passion for creating a greater environment of safety awareness among your coworkers. An effective safety culture is one that results from individual and group values, attitudes, and competencies focused around increasing safety on the job.

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