3 Skills to Display as a Machinist

June 20th, 2016

Your resume is your front line of attack in your job search. You need to present yourself well on paper even before you have the chance to interview with an employer and prove your abilities. A well-written resume should be clean, concise, free of mistakes and spelling errors, and above all else, it should present your skills and qualifications in an effective manner. Employers are on the lookout for certain key skills in their machinist candidates. Are you confident those skills are reflected well in your resume?

Today’s article will discuss the three most important skills to promote in your machinist resume and how best to illustrate your qualifications to a discerning employer.

Skill #1: Precision in Measurement

A great deal of the daily tasks machinists are required to perform involves taking and managing precise measurements. They need to measure size and weight of raw and finished materials to ensure accuracy and effectiveness. Those measurements must also be regularly compared with those of scale drawings to ensure parts are produced within the required tolerances. Measuring is a prerequisite for on-the-job quality control which is of key importance to employers looking to hire machinists.

Within the body of your resume, it is worthwhile to illustrate how your precision in measurement has benefited past employers in terms of the quality of your work. It is also worth listing as a key skill within your skills and qualifications section, preferably near the top of your resume.

Skill #2: Craftsmanship

Machinists are considered to be skilled craftsmen, and as such are in high demand. Those who are trained well in the art and science of machine operation are also expected to perform with a high level of craftsmanship. Taking pride in the work you do is what will set you apart in competitive talent pool. Make sure employers know you provide value in your craftsmanship by describing how your attention to detail, quality and precision have improved a product or process on a previous project or for a previous employer.

Skill #3: The Ability to Operate Common Machine Shop Tools

Flexibility across workplaces is another important skill that will help you catch and keep the attention of your prospective hiring manager. Emphasize your ability to operate multiple standard tools, as well as some less-standard tools as well. A wide familiarity with the different machines that are in use today will reassure employers that you are up to date on real-world work environments and that, once hired, you will be prepared to hit the ground running.

Discuss your adaptability across multiple workshop environments within the body of your resume, preferably in relation to your unique successes or accomplishments within your work history. While flexibility might be considered more of a “soft skill” than the other, more technical skills you will want to list in your qualifications section.

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