3 Qualities of a Great Accounting Employer

March 5th, 2016

Today’s workers are looking for more than just a paycheck when they pick which companies they choose to work for. A positive reputation will help you hire and keep your best workers, making you that much more successful and productive in the long run. While it might seem like a challenge to create a positive image as a hiring manager, there are a number of things you can do to actively improve your appeal to candidates. Here are the top three qualities of a great accounting employer for you to incorporate into your recruiting strategy.

Building a Great Company Culture

A good corporate culture can mean the difference between staff loyalty and a high turnover rate. While it might not seem like something you have individual control over, you might be surprised how much employees take the lead from management. A positive corporate culture based on open communication, actively growing the successes of individual employees and the company as a whole, and providing staff with the tools and resources they need to do their best is a great place to start. Focusing on building those positive relationships will help ingrain that attitude into the staff as a whole, making your company a more interesting and engaging place to work for everyone.

Encouraging Further Education

As a manager, you want your employees to be at the top of their game when they are working for you. Encouraging and even subsidizing their continued education is a great way to show your employees that you care about their long-term success. Encouraging your accounting staff to pursue their CPA certification, or even go back to school part time for an advanced degree can provide as much benefit to your business as to their individual careers. Showing candidates that you are invested in them will make them want to invest in you.

Above and Beyond Standard Benefits

Today’s workers are particularly discerning in where they chose to spend their time. They want to know that their individual contribution is valued and the best employers are finding creative ways to do that outside of just raising salaries. Benefits packages that include paid leave for vacation and sick time along with a comprehensive benefits package are standard in the realm of accounting. To really stand out as a great employer, you need to go above and beyond the norm.

Consider investing in benefits such as an engaging work environment, access to an on-site gym or exercise programs, high-quality mentorship opportunities, health and dental insurance that goes above and beyond expectations, and an emphasis on work-life balance. Flexible work options like flextime and telecommuting can help to bring otherwise unavailable talent onto your team. There is a whole range of non-salary-based benefits that really will help put you ahead of your competition when you are recruiting the industry’s top players.

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