Keys to Success for Mechanical Engineers

January 15th, 2016

Mechanical engineering is a profession that is in high demand these days. But the job market is competitive both from an employer and a candidate’s perspective. You need to be sure that you are fully prepared to jump in to your job search in order to quickly and efficiently find the best opportunities. This article will discuss three keys to a successful job search in mechanical engineering in today’s job market.


Networking used to be all about attending professional organization meetings and mixers arranged by employers, but today’s professional networking is much more flexible and innovative. Your networking strategy should be a balance of digital networking and personal connections. Update your LinkedIn profile and make sure that it is as much a representation of your professionalism as your resume and cover letter. Many recruiters and employers rely on LinkedIn to find top-quality candidates for upcoming opportunities with their firms. Furthermore, if you reach out and connect with former colleagues and other professional connections online, you will build a digital network that can notify you of jobs before they are even posted.

In-person networking is still very much an important part of building solid connections in the world of mechanical engineering. You may want to attend job fairs and professional organization mixers to reach out to prospective employers in person. Also consider connecting with old colleagues who have moved on in their careers as well. Their networks are almost as valuable as your own, so don’t be afraid to reach out and reconnect.

Building Your Portfolio

Your portfolio of previous work is one of the most engaging pieces for employers reviewing your professional marketing material. They want to know what you have done for other employers so they can get a better idea of what you will be able to do for them. Building a lackluster portfolio with personal projects and volunteer work can help add depth if you are new to the industry. Most importantly, make sure that the projects in your portfolio are the best examples of the work you are capable of, and keep your portfolio updated as new opportunities come along.

Working with a Staffing Firm

If you are at all hesitant about working with a staffing firm to help pin down the next step in your career path, don’t be. A staffing firm, such as Search Staffing, is a valuable resource in helping you find high-quality opportunities and connecting with employers who will value your work. Make sure that you pick a firm with good connections within the industry, and strong relationships with your ideal employer. Share your preferences with your recruiter and be up front about what you expect to make and your long-term career goals. A good recruiter is like a career consultant, and they can be one of your best resources as you begin your job search.
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