3 Tips for Networking as an Accountant

May 5th, 2016

Effective networking is arguably the single most important thing you can do to give your accounting career the boost it needs to take you from good to great. Professional connection opportunities are around every corner, but positioning yourself to meet the right people in the right situations can be more difficult. Today’s article discusses three key tips accountants can use in their networking efforts to make sure their efforts are rewarded.

The Value of a Digital Network

LinkedIn has become a very important source for digital networking, particularly in the realm of professional development. LinkedIn offers location specific groups that allow you to connect with other accounting professionals within your geographic region. An introduction through a digital network can offer a nice icebreaker for those who are hesitant to meet people in person. Connecting with other financial professionals online by participating in engaging online discussions makes the act of networking that much easier.

Focus on Public Speaking

Many accounting professionals don’t have the opportunity to really develop their public speaking skills on the job which can make the act of networking a bit intimidating. Joining professional groups or a Toastmasters group can give you the chance to practice and improve your public speaking skills. Additionally, such events can provide valuable networking opportunities. Meeting casually with others within your profession helps to set the stage for productive conversations in the future. Furthermore, practicing your public speaking skills in an equally less pressurized situation will help to bolster your confidence and make discussions flow more naturally and result in more productive outcomes.

Non-Traditional Networking

Making natural connections with professionals who are as eager to build their own career as you are to build yours can be a little strained at times. Don’t be afraid to think outside the networking box when it comes to reaching out to people. Some of the most productive conversations happen when you least expect them to. Consider looking to online forums such as Reddit to find professional meet-ups and engage in conversations relevant to your field. Keep in mind that people love to talk about themselves and online forums provide a wealth of opportunities to do just that. By looking to connect with people outside of the usual networking mixers and events, you engage them in a more interesting and often more productive way.

Other non-traditional opportunities for networking include joining community or interest groups (online and in real life) and striking up conversations whenever you have the opportunity to engage with someone. Ask what they do and why, and don’t be afraid to tell them your story as well. A great professional connection can happen just about anywhere. The trick is to place yourself in the right situations so that you are able to meet the right people and then convert those opportunities into long term and meaningful connections.

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4 Qualities to Look for in All Mechanical Engineering Candidates

March 14th, 2016

The manufacturing industry is at the heart of many successful global economies. The right mechanical engineer is can be an asset to your company and can help accelerate growth. How can you hire a mechanical engineering candidate that’s a great fit for the company? What are the skills that a mechanical engineering candidate should develop to become highly sought after by the top employers in the nation? This article will discuss these questions and share the qualities to look for.

Attention to Detail

This is a key quality that makes a good mechanical engineer into a great mechanical engineer. This shows up in all aspects of work starting from requirement gathering and design to automating processes or using existing processes, to development and delivery and, finally, quality control. A detail-oriented candidate spots inefficiencies and opportunities to improve workflow which others might miss. These incremental improvements have a potential for aggregating and delivering a large optimization gain in the end-to-end pipeline.


A high-quality mechanical engineer is methodical and takes a thoughtful approach to problem-solving. They portray a lot of patience in their work. Rushing to a solution is how errors and inaccuracies seep in. Patience is a virtue and this is true in mechanical engineering candidates as well.

Project Management

Great project management skills are an asset in any industry. This is especially true for mechanical engineering where time is money. A candidate with a great project management skill set can make the difference between landing a large project on time and budget. On the other hand, the lack of this key skill set can not only delay and derail a project, it can damage the company’s reputation with the client and can potentially cause monetary damage.


Whether you hire a fresh graduate looking to start a career or a seasoned professional who has been in the industry for several years, the importance of teamwork skills is difficult to overstate. Collaboration is at the heart of a successful organization. A good team player can get others around him excited about the project and deliver throughput which is exponentially greater than any one individual can achieve. This is a critical skill in managers where the success of the team and the company depends on working as a team and fostering a collaborative work environment.

There are not many other ways one can make up for the lack of teamwork. Technical skills are a must have, but hiring a candidate squarely based on their technical skill set isn’t necessarily in the best interest of the organization. Teamwork fosters collaboration and hiring individuals which lack this important skill set can, conversely, dampen collaboration.

If you find yourself in need of access to a wider range of well-rounded mechanical engineering candidates, particularly ones who display these qualities, contact the industry-savvy recruiters at Search Staffing today!